[all images exhibited in this collection are samples of Officina Coppola - original handmade artworks ]

About the TEMPORAL collection

In this collection, we investigate the effect of time on structures and subsequently the tension between anticipation and memory. Officina Coppola’s founder Donato Coppola calls it 'a curiosity about the degradation of time and its action on things'. Whether it is a crack, fissure, crevice or crevasse, some patterns appear to be in a constant flux (Magma), whereas others seem to be relatively fixed (Cracked Earth). For example, in geology, cracks bear basic aspects such as their geometry, orientation, fill mineralogy and textures. However, the effect of change, movement through time, or a sudden impact poses the questions: What was here before? What is causing this to happen? Cracks are associated with failure. Small cracks start to merge and can form a large crack. Therefore, there is a strong desire to avoid failure. The present state is everchanging; it tells us about the past and invites us to anticipate the future. 

The notion of time leaves us with those questions. As with other collections, we wanted to explore an underlying ethical thread: awareness of the cause of the change. The tension between anticipation and memory is "just" a tension, but the narrative points to the bigger picture.


Officina Coppola creates specialist artworks for architectural installations and furniture.
Depending on the project, the artworks can be custom-made or bespoke.


The images should be used as design and concept guidelines only. Please contact for more info.